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Louisiana’s Top 10-Ranked Business Climate

Louisiana’s business climate combines an extensive collection of competitive advantages, from customized workforce training, to low business operating costs, to infrastructure, creating an ideal environment for success. As a result, five organizations rank Louisiana among the top ten business climates in the nation by Area Development, Business Facilities, Chief Executive, Development Counsellors International and Site Selection. 

Customized Solutions

Louisiana values business investment, and when a company moves or expands its operations to the state, it can count on innovative solutions to meet its specific needs. From identifying an ideal site, to assisting with permitting, to tailoring workforce development resources and aligning state, city and parish resources, Louisiana creatively customizes solutions for new and expanding businesses.

Louisiana also offers new and existing businesses significant advantages with highly competitive incentives. The state’s wide selection of programs can be combined to create robust, flexible, customized incentives packages for companies.   

“By removing obstacles, reducing bureaucracy, providing meaningful support and eliminating roadblocks, Louisiana officials at all levels convinced us that this state is the ideal location for our production facility.”

Matthias Jaeger


Labor and Workforce

Louisiana has been a right-to-work state for more than three decades and provides an ever-growing pool of highly skilled, qualified workers. The state has continued to invest in new and modernized training facilities at community and technical colleges. In addition, the state has made investments totaling more than $38 million in Louisiana’s higher education computer science and engineering departments.

Louisiana’s workforce includes more than 460,000 workers employed in occupations relevant to manufacturing and over 22,500 information technology professionals. In addition, Gallup ranks Louisiana as the No. 1 state for workforce engagement. The poll identified Louisiana workers as the most likely to be involved in and enthusiastic about their work. According to KMPG’s 2014 Competitive Alternatives, average Louisiana salary and wages cost less than the South and U.S. averages.

“We learned firsthand of the outstanding workforce that is available – people who take pride in their work.”

Ron Sedley


Louisiana also offers the services of LED FastStart®, which has been ranked the nation’s No. 1 state workforce development program by Business Facilities six years in a row. FastStart creates customized workforce recruitment, screening and training solutions. FastStart works with eligible new and expanding Louisiana-based operations to ensure that companies have a highly qualified, trained workforce from day one – all at no cost to the company.

Business Costs

In the 2014 Competitive Alternatives, KPMG assessed the general cost competitiveness of more than 100 cities in 10 nations. The report compares a variety of costs factors faced by companies in each country and city. These factors include location sensitive costs such as taxes, labor costs, facility costs, transportation and distribution, and utilities. Three Louisiana cities rank in the Top 5 for the Southeast region of the U.S. and Louisiana’s composite burden ranks No. 1 in the South.

“Louisiana is a great place to do business today —and it’s getting even better.”

Glen Post


In 2015, the Tax Foundation and KPMG released Location Matters, an apples-to-apples comparison of the combined state and local business tax burden on several different firm types. Louisiana’s tax burden ranks among the top 10 lowest in the nation for new facilities, relocations, and facility expansions for a variety of firm types, including:

  • labor-intensive manufacturing
  • capital-intensive manufacturing
  • research and development facilities
  • corporate headquarters


Louisiana’s superior transportation infrastructure includes:

  • Six interstate highways
  • Six Class 1 railroads
  • Six deepwater ports
  • Seven primary airports

Louisiana is one of the only two states in the U.S. and the only one in the South where all six Class 1 railroads converge. 

In addition, Louisiana offers more than 40 certified sites that are 180-day development ready. These sites gain certification only after and extensive application process and exhaustive review, which reduces risk and shortens development schedules. 

No. 1 State For Workforce Engagement
Top 10 Lowest Tax Burden For Business Climate
Superior Transportation Infrastructure