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FastLane is the system that manages Louisiana’s business incentive programs that are approved by the Board of Commerce and Industry. The FastLane website is a secure online interface that allows users to electronically send data directly to Louisiana Economic Development. It is designed for individual users managing one company or consultants who manage multiple companies’ data.

At the April 21 Commerce and Industry Special Meeting for Board-approved Programs, the Board unanimously approved a motion acknowledging that the suspension of legal deadlines ordered by proclamation (“suspension period”) applies to business incentives under the jurisdiction of the Board of Commerce and Industry and further extending those deadlines an additional 30 days.  The suspension period applies to deadlines originally falling between March 17, 2020 and April 30, 2020, subsequently extended to July 24, 2020, or a later date set by a future proclamation.

Therefore, should a company have a submission deadline that falls within the suspension period, then the new due date to file the submission or request an extension provided by program rules is currently August 23, 2020.  If a company has a filing deadline outside of the suspension period (before March 17 or, as of now, after August 23), then there is no impact, and regular rules pertaining to filing deadlines, including extension requests, apply.

LED encourages applicants to continue their program-related filings, and such filings will continue to be processed throughout this time in order to avoid process delays to the extent possible after the emergency is lifted.

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FastLane Entertainment

FastLane Entertainment allows for applicant submission of applications, support documentation and CPA verification report payments for the Motion Picture Production Program and the Digital Interactive Media and Software Program.

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Fastlane Next Generation

FastLane allows for submission of forms such as applications, advance notifications, renewal request, contract change forms and more for Enterprise Zone, Industrial Tax Exemption, Quality Jobs and Restoration Tax Abatement. The system also features applicant control for guest electronic signing orpayment and a document checklist for each submission.