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LED Growth Network

Formally launched in 2017, the LED Growth Network (LGN) consists of companies that have completed either the Economic Gardening Initiative, CEO Roundtables, or both programs. Companies meeting the eligibility requirements for these programs are defined as “second-stage” companies. They are beyond the startup phase, have not yet reached maturity and are poised for future growth. Second-stage companies typically represent a small percentage of overall establishments and a proportionally large percentage of all the jobs in a community. 

The LGN provides continued access to strategic business resources and growth opportunities, including but not limited to customized leadership retreats, recognition events, networking opportunities and additional technical assistance. As more companies graduate from Economic Gardening and/or CEO Roundtables, the Network is constantly growing both in terms of new companies and additional resources designed to accelerate growth.

To learn about joining the LED Growth Network through enrolling in CEO Roundtables or Economic Gardening, or for access to the LED Growth Network pages, contact Christopher Cassagne at [email protected] or 225.342.5882.

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Economic Impact

Second-stage companies and their participation in LED programs such as CEO Roundtables and Economic Gardening create substantial economic impact.

CEO Roundtables

Peer groups that give executives the opportunity to discuss business practices and management strategies with other executives who deal with similar growth challenges.

Economic Gardening

Provides customized core business strategies, market research, qualified sales leads and improved internet and technology tailored to your growing needs.


An annual honor bestowed upon select LED Growth Network companies for outstanding business and community contributions.


Annual event held to recognize the LED Growth Network and companies recognized as Louisiana Growth Leaders.