Economic Impact

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Economic Impact

Louisiana is recognized by the Edward Lowe Foundation, a national non-profit that advocates for entrepreneurship as a strategy for economic prosperity, as being a national best practice related to creating a successful entrepreneurial ecosystem. The National Center for Economic Gardening recognizes Louisiana as being a national model on how to run an effective, well-run Economic Gardening program.

Since the inception of Economic Gardening and CEO Roundtables, these two programs have created substantial return on investment for the State of Louisiana, both in job growth and dollar-for-dollar returns. Graduates of these two programs join the LED Growth Network.

LED Growth Network consists of 350 companies representing $2.7 billion in sales and more than 10,500 full-time employees.

Jobs and Revenue Growth

Since the inception of LED’s Economic Gardening (EG) Initiative in FY 2012, some 195 companies have reported creating an additional 1,952 new Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) jobs. Companies are tracked for three years following the close of an EG engagement.

Since the inception of LED’s CEO Roundtables in FY 2015, 214 graduate companies have reported creating an additional 997 new FTE jobs. Companies are tracked during the yearlong roundtable and one year following graduation.

195 companies utilizing Economic Gardening have created 1,952 jobs and increased aggregate gross revenue by $338 million.

Return on Investment

The State of Louisiana realizes an $9.19 return on investment for every $1 in LED’s Economic Gardening Initiative. These calculations are made utilizing the IMPLAN Model while minimizing model assumptions.

The State of Louisiana realizes a direct return on investment of $7.40 for every $1 in LED’s CEO Roundtables program. This data is acquired via self-reporting survey. Calculations are made assuming 7 percent economic return to state for every dollar increase in wages.

CEO Roundtables have graduated 214 companies that have created 997 new full-time jobs.

Louisiana Growth Network Companies

As of July 2018, LED Growth Network Companies consist of 350 companies across all eight regions of Louisiana that collectively represent over $2.7 billion dollars annually in gross sales and represent over 10,500 FTE employees.