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U.K. Investments Help Propel Louisiana to No. 1 in Per Capita FDI

U.K. companies have long invested in Louisiana, with for over 25 projects since 2003 accounting for over $1.4 billion in capital expenditure and more than 2,200 Louisiana jobs.

Notable U.K. Projects in Louisiana

Drax Biomass
In December 2012, Drax Biomass announced plans to build a $120 million wood pellet facility in Bastrop and a storage-and-shipping facility at the Port of Greater Baton Rouge. Drax now ships wood pellets formed in Morehouse Parish to its U.K. energy facilities for use in generating renewable power. The project created 63 direct jobs and an estimated 143 new indirect jobs. Drax Biomass also generated 250 construction jobs at the peak of the yearlong building phase. 

“This is an exciting step for us… Drax Biomass is focused on building and operating clean, safe manufacturing facilities that will support local economies, create long-term jobs, and interface with regional forest industries.” 

Chuck Davis
CEO, Drax Biomass International

Trade Between the U.K. and Louisiana 

The U.K. is one of Louisiana’s top export markets, with over $1.34 billion in Louisiana exports there in 2015. Top Louisiana exports to the U.K. include petroleum and coal products ($782.0 million), chemicals ($167.1 million) and transportation equipment ($90.1 million).

Supporting Organizations

British Honorary Consul: James J. Coleman, Jr., OBE
321 St. Charles Avenue
New Orleans, Louisiana 70130
Tel: 504-524-4180
More info: www.gov.uk/government/world/usa

Recent News

In January 2015, then-Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal visited the United Kingdom as part of an economic development effort. While there, he addressed the Henry Jackson Society regarding foreign policy.