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Located in the heart of the U.S. Southern Automotive Corridor, Louisiana offers unique strategic advantages to both automakers and suppliers. The state’s internationally competitive incentives coupled with the nation’s best state workforce recruitment and training program make Louisiana a smart choice.

A right-to-work state for three decades, Louisiana has the lowest taxes in the nation for new manufacturing operations and is pro-business at every level. Add the state’s highly effective manufacturing workforce, and it’s clear the state provides manufacturing operations a competitive edge.

At the core of Louisiana’s competitive advantages is the strength of its business climate. In recent years, the state has enacted reforms to create an atmosphere that Forbes magazine calls, “America’s new frontier for business opportunity.” Louisiana now ranks in the Top 10 states for business climate in the U.S., according to Area Development, Development Counsellors International and Site Selection.

“Tax credits certainly encourage business in Louisiana, but I could have done business anywhere. I love Louisiana. It’s a great place to live and raise a family. The people have a good work ethic, and there is lots of space to grow.”
Deborah Fehr-Niswanger
Founder, Military Truck Parts Inc.