Louisiana’s Location Advantages

More than 1,000 Louisiana engineering, service and fabrication companies support the state’s energy industry. The state’s superior transportation infrastructure and proximity to abundant natural resources make doing business in Louisiana an optimal choice for energy industry operations.

Superior Logistics Offer Unrivaled Access

Louisiana is well situated for both inbound and outbound logistics. The state is home to:

  • Six interstate highways
  • Six Class 1 railroads
  • Six deep water ports
  • Seven primary airports

Louisiana is one of only two states in the country where all six of North America’s class one railroads converge.

View how Louisiana’s development-ready certified sites intersect with inbound and outbound logistics, view demographic information and more in the Site Selection Center.

Expedited Permitting Reduces Start-up Time

Louisiana understands that a company’s ability to ramp up quickly and efficiently is a significant factor in its location decision. To maximize time and efficiency for companies, the state has created an expedited environmental permit-processing program, which enables Louisiana to issue permits more quickly and efficiently than almost any other state in the country.

“We feel that the expedited permit process has significantly shortened permit-processing time, helping GP turn projects around often much faster than GP mills in neighboring states.”

Keith Wahoske
Vice President — Port Hudson Operations (2008-2014)