Lights, Camera, Opportunity - Film & Television in Louisiana

Louisiana has become a top destination for the film and television industry. In the past ten years, Louisiana has produced more than 400 motion pictures. These include Green LanternThe Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Beasts of the Southern Wild. Television shows such as American Horror Story and Salem have also filmed in the state.

Louisiana Offers The Film and Television Industry Skilled Talent

From key department positions to a large selection of diverse extras, Louisiana has the local workforce needed to maximize the benefits of any production that chooses the state. Louisiana’s skilled crew base has grown by over 400 percent since 2002, with over 15 crews throughout the state as well as a talented base of actors, extras and day players.

“Active Entertainment has been successful in Louisiana in part due to the wonderful economic climate that the state has created for creative, hard-working entrepreneurial companies. We have hired and trained many terrific Louisiana workers and brought new kinds of jobs, technologies and income opportunities for them. The state’s incentive programs have been a vital part in helping us achieve our goals, and participate in Louisiana’s economic growth. They have the right programs and the right personnel to manage and implement these programs.”

Ken Badish, President & CEO
Daniel Lewis, CFO

Unique Production Studios Are Available

Louisiana’s infrastructure has grown as a result of demand from film and television producers. The state now boasts world-class, state-of-the-art facilities, including multi-million dollar stages and production houses.

Celtic Media Centre in Baton Rouge is the largest design-built studio in the U.S., handling such productions as Fantastic FourTwilight: Breaking Dawn and Oblivion. Second Line Studios in the heart of New Orleans is the first, independent LEED-certified film studio in the U.S. Additionally, Starlight Studios announced in January 2019 it would bring new purpose-built sound stages on their campus in New Orleans.

Other soundstage and post production facilities include:

  • Big Easy Studios (New Orleans)
  • Digital FX (Baton Rouge)
  • The Louisiana Wave Studio (Shreveport)
  • Nims Center Studios (Harahan)
  • Pixel Magic (Baton Rouge)
  • The Ranch Studios (Chalmette)
  • The St. John Center Soundstage (LaPlace)
  • StageWorks of Louisiana (Shreveport)
  • Starlight Studios (New Orleans)

Industry-Specific Incentive Reduces Production Costs

The Motion Picture Production Program provides state-certified motion picture productions with up to a 40 percent tax credit on eligible in-state expenditures. These include resident and non-resident labor. Program is subject to an issuance cap of $150 million per fiscal year and a claims cap of $180 million per fiscal year.