The Sound of Success

Louisiana is known as the birthplace of jazz and is home to numerous Grammy award winners. State-of-the-art recording studios, a unique production rebate and highly skilled musicians combined with a strong musical history create an unrivaled opportunity for success in sound recording.

“It was great recording my last album Goin’ Home in my hometown at Blade Studios in Shreveport. North Louisiana now has a world-class recording studio that exists in part as a result of the various incentives Louisiana has for our industry, including the Sound Recording Program. In a world of shrinking recording budgets, Louisiana has led the way in creating incentives for artists to come and work in our state.”

Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Platinum Recording Artist

Musical Tradition Serves as the Foundation For Success Today

Search far and wide and it’s tough to find a place with a deeper, richer musical tradition than Louisiana. The state’s renowned creative culture has nurtured legendary recordings artists, and even inspired entire genres like jazz, swamp pop and zydeco. Since the launch of the music incentive program, the state’s already-established production industry has grown at a rapid pace. New and expanding recording studios and world-class musicians, engineers and other recording industry professionals now call Louisiana home.

Complementing the film industry in Louisiana, film scoring is quickly becoming an important part of the music production mix in the state, with the opening of Esplanade Studios in New Orleans.

Sound Recording Rebate Reduces Production Costs

The Sound Recording Program provides an 18 percent tax credit for qualified sound recording projects made in Louisiana. The program is subject to a cap of $2.16 million in tax credits per calendar year.